One thing you need to know about Greece is that it shines in summer, and it shines even more in winter.

Greece is known for its 24/7 and 365 days of sunshine, no kidding…

My winter break back in Greece was filled with sunshine, to the extent that I actually had to go out with sunscreens on, which is something I don’t even do during summertime in Seattle (okay, I’m exaggerating).

During the Christmas break, my family and I visited the central part of Greece, the city of Tripoli in the Peloponnese.

Did I tell you that I was so disappointed until I saw this place? I thought I was expecting pigs and cows in the middle of nowhere, but apparently, reality turned out to be a lot nicer.

We stayed at a family-owed hotel.

The living room/lobby of a family-run hotel in Levidi Village

The view from our bedroom is stunning, where we could almost see the entire village. This is apparently how the weather is like in the countryside during the end of December. Crazy ha?

The view of almost the entire village right in front of our room’s balcony

When we did our morning stroll, we saw this:

A traumatized car in a tranquil village doesn’t fit the scenery so much, but okay…

And then a few streets more we turned, we saw this:

When we made a turn, and we see this again in front of a police department.


When I got artistic and wanted some “artsy” photos on my blog, you see this:

There’s me trying to pose in the middle of the road, trying to look all fancy while making an effort to get killed.

When weird things happen, time passes fast. As we were heading back to the hotel from the mountains, I just felt like capturing the other side of the mountain that I wasn’t able to see from our hotel balcony.

Sunny late noon

A day walk ends with a warm jacuzzi session…

Wait a minute, am I living in the December of Australia or what?

Jacuzzi session with an imaginary wine on my left side

Never call it a night, if you don’t get your Tzatziki and heavy dinner before you go to bed.

Greek’s specialty: Tzatziki

A sweet, chill, relaxing 3-day weekend at Levidi. Mediocre, yet tasteful.

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