College work may give you enough headache. But apparently, birthday invitations may be worse.

I guess we had the moment when we just don’t know what to buy for gifts. But today, I am here to help you solve this present.

This gift idea is apparently rocking the “What’s the best, cheap but expensive-looking B-day Gift” online forums, ‘caz it’s cheap, its cool, and it’s innovative…but just a little time-consuming. So if you are a college student with too much time and too little money, like us, you might love this gift idea.


Step 1: Storm the Dollar Tree
Preparing her work behind the scene. Photo Anran Lin

Either it’s pink, green, blue or yellow. As long as you see sticky notes lying on the shelves of Dollar Tree, grab them till there is no one left. Don’t be like, “let’s grab three,” because they run out fast, like seriously! We literally emptied a whole shelf in Dollar Tree for the sticky notes, which were about 20 packs and they were barely enough.


Step 2: Locate the right Car
Beautiful Tesla waiting to be transformed. Photo Anran Lin

Dumb things happen when you are nervous of preparing an unexpected gift. I’ve read others’ post, how they were saying that they spent hours doing this and eventually realized that it was someone else’s car. Oops..


Step 3: Call your friends up at 12 a.m for this mission!
Progress after 2 hours of work. Photo Anran Lin

It looks easier than it is. We thought with four girls, we’d be done with the gift in an hour, but the reality was, we spent almost three hours, and barely got the doors and the back of the car.


Step 4: Stamina will get you there
The result after two hours of the work. Photo Anran Lin

Before we headed for the mission, we aimed to stick the whole car. But eventually, we give up and only did the front because it was getting too late.

But hey, our result looked amazing! Hope her boyfriend would appreciate the work.

Have fun washing the car. At least I had fun sticking them!


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