Clear sky. Endless sunshine. Party Islands. Blistering hot Greek man. All of those are on your all-day a la carte menu if you’re in Greece.

Whether it’s finding a place to celebrate your anniversary, or engagement party, or summer holidays, Greece has always been rated to be the ultimate vacation destination.

Before you get high outlining and creating your travel itinerary, make sure you have a space saved for this paradise on earth: Costa Navarino.

Costa Navarino, the synonym of paradise, is a resort located in the Greek region of Messinia in the southwest Peloponnese, just two hours of drive from the capital of Greece, Athens. My family and I had the chance to indulge a five-day summer holiday at this resort, where our experience was more than just a blast. It was a boom!

Here are my 10 photos that hopefully will convey the meaning of “Paradise on Earth” to you, as you make your way sketching your itinerary for your next Greek holiday.

1.Where luxury is ACTUALLY affordable
Costa Navarino from above/

Costa Navarino takes up almost the size of an average town. In fact, the resort itself is a town, only with modern technology, luxury retail stores, and high-end restaurants to keep its daily operations running. The moment I stepped into the lobby of the Westin, it wasn’t hard to figure that this is the solid place to burn your cash quick. But to my surprise, the standards of living in this resort is only slightly higher than in Athens, considering it was also during the busiest time of the summer. So now, you can get over your worry over expense.

2. Choices from A to Z
Photo via Costa Navarino
Poolside spa/Costa Navarino

Any activities you look for, you name it, they have it. Spa, kids’ amusement park, golf, yoga classes, personal training coach, theater, water sports…the list just goes on and on and on. The Anazoe Spa is a spa that is more than just providing you a massage. You have the option to choose where you want to get the service. It can be at the poolside, beachside, or even under the mistletoe. You will never find yourself bored. Maybe the most boring it gets would be hanging out in your private pool while sipping on a glass of Martini with a night sky full of stars above your head.

3. Privacy and hospitality
Infinity Suite with Pool/Anran Lin
Infinity Suite with Pool/Anran Lin

There are the standard rooms, family rooms, and villas to choose from. Each one has a balcony where it made sure you get to be surrounded with the killer view of the Peloponnese. Room service is more than perfect to a point where housekeeping makes your bed every time you go out. They made our bed when we left for breakfast. They made our bed when we left for scuba diving. They made our bed when we left for dinner. By the way, that all happened in one day. Between, room service can get you anything, including urgent period pads service in one minute.

4. Green and Mediterranean architecture is the theme of the resort
Photo by Costa Navarino
Photo by Costa Navarino

The basic theme of the resort was “nature.” There were trees and bushes all over the place, not to mention a massive golf course located in the middle of the resort. Sounds nice right? But you might also want to know that the downside of having too much green is too many mosquitos during summertime.

5. Restaurants that are not just about the food
Barbouni Restaurant/Costa Navarino

The restaurants at Costa Navarino are not just a place where you’d simply go and enjoy a couple of good meals. In fact, it is a place where you’d go and sit there for hours, simply because of their extraordinary interior designs and the view that lies before your eyes. My favorite out of them all is the Barbouni restaurant, which is a unique beachside restaurant that provides lunch with the fresh caught of the day.

6. From pools to the beach, only a buggy ride away
Beach at resort/Anran Lin

Considering there are no less than 10 pools in the resort, the owner believed that 10 is still not an enough number for him. So he chose to build the resort next to a beach, which as a result, our access to the closest beach was just 10 minutes by foot, 2 minutes by buggy—for free. And Oh! They are driven by the hottest chauffeurs of all nationalities and at all times.

7. Natural. Organic. Green. Repeat.
Photoby HerbalLife Vacation
Photo by HerbalLife Vacation

Every route we took, there’s green. Every food we eat, it’s fresh. Everything they do, green is their motto. If you are an environmental activist, I bet you will be pulling your hair out to come up with criticisms and complaints about this place. This is the extent to which Costa Navarino prioritize environmental issues, at least from my experience.

8. Greek culture in a modern touch
Church at Pylos/Anran Lin

No matter how big a place could be, it will never be so big after five days staying there. That’s certainly not an issue if you’re visiting Costa Navarino. There are many small towns near the resort, where you can easily get to one and another by car in 10 minutes or so. The resort put up events like collecting olives, visiting local households to make traditional dishes and so on. You will never be bored, again is what I am saying.

9. Greek cuisine with a modern touch
Greek “Psomi” (bread)/Anran Lin

If you’re sick of the 20 restaurants that are available to you at the resort, you can always drive to the nearest town for some traditional Greek cuisine. They are less pricey than the restaurants at the resort, and often time more variety. My recommendation: Tzatziki and ouzo.

10. Unbeatable sunset view
Sunset at Pylos/Fafa Cai

What’s more important after a great meal? It got to be a killer sunset for you to admire and remember. Anywhere you go at Messinia, either you’re at the resort, or out for dinner at a nearby town, there will alway be a place for you to watch the sunset. I had mine at Pylos, which is a small town 12 minutes away from the resort by car after our family had dinner at a fish taverna, we stumbled upon a beachside during sunset, and that picture hopefully says the beauty of all.

Hopefully, by now, you should have gotten an inspiration or an idea of what Costa Navarino is. Make sure you include that in your itinerary.


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