Public Affairs:

The UW Underground Tunnels|The Daily of the University of Washington 

Underneath the UW campus lies the 7-8 mile underground steam tunnels that cater heat and electricity to the University of Washington campus. An entity as massive and prevalent as this has remained mysterious to the students of the UW due to safety concerns.

City of Seattle Planning Big Push for Citizenship| The Seattle Globalist

The Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs will be having its first-ever Citizenship Workshop this Saturday, murderous storm warning notwithstanding. The event will offer green card holders free help with their U.S citizenship applications.

Documentary Reveals Hard Realities of Seattle Homeless Encampment Nickelsville | International Examiner

The public has a tendency that bothered Seattle filmmaker Derek McNeill: The negative assumptions they have about homeless people in Seattle.

Vibrant Coffee Shop Builds Community | Shoreline AreaNews

While Shoreline’s coffee business is stagnant, One Cup Coffee is flourishing by using philanthropy, a community feel, and great coffee.


Business and Technology:

UW Entrepreneurship Program Pushes For ‘Visceral’ Learning experiences | GeekWire

The Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Washington is revolutionizing students’ classroom experience by offering a set of unique courses that place emphasis on more hands-on field learning


Arts and Culture:

My Name is XiangFei MengFirst Days Project

Xiangfei is now a senior major in Economics at the University of Washington. She recalls her big moment memories–running away from the arduous final exam preparation for Chinese colleges and turning to the States for a different educational experience. The educational hardship that she describes is a true circumstance that still exists today in China.